Small Groups/Interest Groups

Our small groups generally meet once a week in homes, the church, on line, or other places around the community. This is a place to connect as extended family and grow in our relationships with God through Christ, and our relationships with each other. Regardless of your age, interests, or location, we are sure there is either a group for you, or one that needs to be started.

Small groups are where true support and Christian relationships happen. We pray for one another, find unity, and care for each other in a small enough environment to not be overwhelmed. This is where everybody knows your name, and when you’re not there, you are truly missed. We would love for you to get connected.

What You Should Know About Small Groups

  1. We are open to all kinds of learning experiences; Bible based, Sermon based, DVD, or on-line. These are suggestions not limitations. This will enable each of the small group leaders to use teaching methods that best fit the group. All of this enables us to go deeper into the Word, so that we may learn to relate better to God and to each other. It also helps us understand how to apply Christian teaching in our daily relationships and life experiences.


  1. Many small groups use 8-10-week sessions such as fall, winter, spring. However, if that does not fit the group, it can be done differently. It’s important that the groups are not all about study. They are, after all, groups of Christians that have adopted each other into a family of believers. That means we must enjoy fun and fellowship with each other also. Go fishing/boating, take a dance lesson together etc. We have sign ups 3-4 weeks before each session begins. Childcare will be provided for groups meeting on Wednesday evenings. You may remain in the same group or change groups with no questions asked.


  1. We believe that everyone has areas of strength, and gifts that can benefit others. It’s our hope that as you finish the three classes in Pathways, you will have a much better idea of what your spiritual gifts are. If leading a small group is something you are spiritually gifted to do, we will make sure you have an opportunity to meet with the small group coordinator to discuss the responsibilities of this type of servant leadership.


  1. We feel it’s important to be a part of a small group, because we need each other to help navigate the ups and downs of life. Each group will be unique, and we will do everything we can to educate, enable, resource, and guide. We will be helping you find a group that feels like immediate family to you. Each group is encouraged to invite others from their life circles into their small group and into the Harbour family. It’s our continued prayer that we take every opportunity to adopt new family in any way we can, spreading the good news as far and wide as possible.