Insurance Card Information

Please upload your child's insurance card information. We need both the front a back of the card.

If you are unable to upload the card information, please note you MUST come to the church office so we may make a copy of it. Thank you!

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If your student has an event they must leave to go to during DNow weekend, please fill out the fields below.


Students will not be driving their vehicles to their host homes. They can drive to the church on Friday and park there for the weekend if they'd like. Arrangements will need to be made for students that have to leave for some reason during the weekend. If they are parked at the church, we will make sure they get a ride to the church, if needed.


  • The people that are hosting students at their houses are a HUGE part of our DNow event. Students will be expected to leave each house better than they found it.
  • NO PRANKS! There have been issues in the past at various host homes because of the pranking that takes place. So, we need your help in reminding students... NO PRANKS! Students caught pranking may be asked to leave the event.


My permission is granted for the Minister, worker/chaperone, or any adult present or in charge of First Aid, to obtain necessary medical attention in case of sickness or injury to me or my child.

Also, I understand that as a participant, I or my child may be photographed or videotaped during church activities and these photos/videos may be used in FBC approved promotions, FBC website, and FBC social media.

I, the undersigned, do hereby verify that the above information is correct and I do hereby indemnify, release and forever discharge all sponsors, state convention and employees, and the First Baptist Church of Moultrie, Georgia from any and all claims, demands, actions or cause of action, past, present, or future arising our of any damage of injury while attending Preschool, Children, Youth or Adult Ministries events.